Sunaimer More than dubble the effekt on your sunpanel

Astronomy behind Sunaimer SA-1

We know that the earth revolves around itself in 24 hours which gives day and night. In addition, the Earth spins around the sun in 365 days, which gives us seasons. Earth has an additional feature. Its axis is inclined 23.5 degrees to the plane formed when the earth revolves around the sun. It is this that gives us the seasons. More or less clear depending where on earth we are. In Sweden the seasons are undeniably rather significant.

Some sailors solve the problem by now and then and manually focus their panel. If you do this every two hours from 4 am to 10 pm, you only miss about 10% efficiency, but does anyone bother to do this?

Other solves the problem by placing the solar panel in the stern of the boat horizontally or somewhere on the cabin roof horizontally. Unfortunately, this is an inefficient method and you lose more than 60% of the 100 Watt in the summer. In winter, it is an unmitigated disaster. The solar panel will not emit anything. The same applies to mobile homes.

If you place the panels on a rooftop, one can not climb up several times a day and adjust it.

The solution is to construct a sun tracker, which ensures that the solar panel is always directed perpendicular to the sun.

The sun tracker we describe solves the problems described above. SunAimer is a motorized stand with the ability to follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. It does this both vertically and laterally within one percent error and with only one engine. One can obtain the full panel capacity as long as the sun is above the horizon.





For us on earth, it looks as if the sun makes a conical motion over the heavens. Earth's tilt means that we have short days in the winter and long days in the summer. The height of the sun will vary from about 9 degrees in winter to 55 degrees in summer (12 o'clock in Gothenburg).

By constructing SunAimer in such a way as to compensate for the tilt of the earth and the date inclination it is enough to have a 24 hour motor that rotates the solar panel for it to follow the sun exactly at all times. This provides a cheap and effective solution to our problem.


For those who have not thought so much of the problems above, it may take a while to understand the function, but we assure you, it works.