Nordic Lady is on a sail around the world and has a sunAimer mounted in the stern.

Sunaimer works well on boats.

On sailing boats a SunAimer can be mounted permanently. On fast motor boats it can be a good idea to dismount your SunAimer when travelling. This is easy to do, all you need to do is loosen one M6 screw and takes only a few minutes. SunAimer with the solar panel attached is preferably placed in one of the bunks.

Mounting your sunAimer:

In the stern of the boat a 45 mm pipe (stainless steel or anodized aluminium) should be mounted horizontally. The pipe should be about 2 meters long. On the pipe a 45/50 mm plastic tube should be fitted. The pipes should be mounted on two places. At the bottom they should stand in a "cup" which consists of a 40 mm tube with flange. This tube with flange should be mounted on a hardwood plate on the deck or on a consol on the stern. About 1 meter up the pipe should be fastened against the railing with a flat steel or a 55 mm U-bolt. See the outline diagram to the left.

The use of the plastic tube is that it makes it possible to turn the pipe. The U-bolt is tightened so that you get a suitable torque between the pipe and the plastic tube.

At the top of the pipe the SunAimer is mounted. The cables go through the pipe. Suitable groove is to be made in the wood plate for the cables. SunAimer has a connector to 12 volt. Make sure that the solar panel has this as well.

On a suitable place on the pipe a handle is mounted. See picture. This handle is used to put Sunaimer towards north/south when in harbour or on a steady course.


sunAimer - Getting the most out of your solar panel.